cat chip database

Key benefits to having your pets microchipped.

As the leading UK cat database, we are often asked by feline owners the best way to trace their cats. There is no such microchip that can trace your cat electronically because of the frequency of the microchip which operates at 134.2Khz.

As a database directed by one of the countries leading commercial veterinary data systems scientists Ian Gould, our link with over 5,300 verified vets, all UK animal charities, and each one of the UK’s council warden districts allows a secure national network gateway that can access the cat’s contact details and veterinary details, quickly respond to a missing or stolen cats alerts and is the only database to register all cat microchips within minutes.

Once implanted the cat microchip will last for your cat’s entire lifetime? Your cat microchip registration will also last your cat’s entire lifetime as well with no further charges for change of information to the Cat Microchip Database data cloud which is operated solely by Pet Identity UK.

Published in the Vet Times in April 2019 for their outstanding development of the veterinary industry’s most advanced animal data systems PREDICT the Cat Microchip Database now operates under the same data systems, administrated by Pet Identity UK and controlled by the Cat Microchip Database feline care team. Read more about the Pet Identity UK vet times editorial here

The Cat Microchip Database registers all UK microchips and we process the administration in compliance with government legislation.

Chances are if your cat is already microchipped the details will have never been recorded or updated.

Ask yourself when was the last time your cat’s microchip registration administrator contacted you?

Register your cat microchip here today and join the UK’s most trusted and caring pet care family.

(Remember to always keep your cat’s microchip details up to date keeping your beloved feline happy, healthy, and safe).