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National Cat Microchip Database Registration


The Government has announced new legislation laws with the introduction of compulsory microchipping for over 10 million cats in the UK, helping to reunite thousands of owners with lost or stolen cats. All cats must be microchipped and registered by the 10th June 2024. We are the only government-approved national cat microchip database dedicated to all feline pet owners.

Micro chipping offers kittens & cats a safe and permanent method of identification and increases the chances of a lost or stolen cat being safely reunited with their owners with a lifetime peace of mind and 24hr support.

All microchips are registered, tracked, and traced. Working exclusively with Pet Identity UK's Feline Theft Register, cat owners can register their cat's details safe and secure with a fully digital veterinary integrated track and trace system approved entirely for the Cat Microchip Database.

Lifetime Support

Cat Microchip Database have built the leading pet microchip data system with one thing in mind and that is the safe identity and return of your pet. Microchip registration is linked to our exclusive BLIPS vet check - track and trace and has created a safe identity for your pet for a lifetime of added support for all feline owners

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